‘Miracle’ team

To the editor:

In 1980 I watched the USA hockey team beat the Russians in the “Miracle on Ice” game on our living room TV in Central New York. I can remember the pure jubilation and pride that win invoked.

Today I am living in Lake Placid and on the 40th anniversary of that miracle can’t help but be saddened by the surviving members of that team opting to be in Las Vegas rather than here in Lake Placid for our celebration.

What a slap in the face to this town. Even worse, for the former heroes to stand behind Trump at a rally. Sickening. Please, the miracle has now been forever tainted.

I’d like to take solace in knowing that Coach Herb Brooks would never have allowed this sellout to happen. In my eyes, these boys are heroes no more.


Cat Hadlow

Lake Placid


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