Straw Poll, June 7-13


This week’s Straw Poll: Should the town of St. Armand launch a basic zoning code, as proposed? - This poll is not scientific, and its results represent only the opinions of Internet users who have chosen to participate.

Bids for attention …


Mom, Mom, MOm, MOM, MOOOOOM! Just like a toddler wanting attention, our little screens are beeping, booping, chirping, pinging, ringing and singing for our attention all the time. Day and night if we let them. It is incessant. Our attention is a valuable commodity. Enough so that most media ...

Field of Dreams

Letters to the editor

To the editor: Are we in heaven? No, it’s Tupper Lake. The Riverpigs had their first game ever Saturday evening. The lighted field, backdropped by mountains under a crescent moon, was movie perfect. State Sen. Stec threw out the first pitch. Mayor Paul Maroun surveyed the scene proudly. ...


Letters to the editor

To the editor, and yes, Peter, this means you: I originally started this letter over two months ago (languishing in the depths of my computer draft box). Now that I know the news you will be moving on soon — so very sad for us, so exciting for you — it is time to dust it off and get it ...

Chives: Spring’s earliest herb


The bright green, grass-like tubular leaves of chives are one of the first perennials to pop up. They will last through the summer and past the first few fall frosts. This delicious herb grows well in our Adirondack climate. Chives are versatile. They add flavor to potatoes and potato ...

Looked but did not see


I’m sure most of you have heard of the expression, “couldn’t see the forest through the trees,” meaning it’s sometimes hard to see things that should be obvious. This applies to the task of driving, too. After a crash, it is not uncommon for one of the involved drivers to say they ...