Better to miss eclipse than to damage eyes


Americans have an exciting opportunity to witness a solar eclipse early Monday afternoon, but it’s dangerous as well. When the moon passes in front of the sun Monday, don’t look at it directly. Looking through a telescope, binoculars or camera lens is not safe, either. NASA warns, ...

The Police blotter from August 1929

The police blotter, August 1926


All of a sudden I became so overwhelmed with work, politics and social events along with a trip to join the railbirds and ponies at Saratoga I had to call for backup — and sure enough up popped a 1926 blotter from the Saranac Lake Police Department … and you know what…aren’t we all ...

Mothball the Confederate monuments


Robert E. Lee wasn’t a Nazi, and surely would have had no sympathy for the white supremacist goons who made his statue a rallying point in Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend. That doesn’t change the fact that his statue is now associated with a campaign of racist violence against ...

Send military to Venezuela? No


President Donald Trump is right to be concerned about what is happening in Venezuela. He is wrong to consider use of U.S. military force to correct the situation. Venezuela appears to be on the brink of chaos as a result of action taken by that country’s leftist president, Nicolas Maduro. ...

Quiet neighbor left towns a great legacy

Letters to the editor

To the editor: One person can forever change the place they love. Bob Damoth moved to Cranberry Lake to enjoy his retirement. He was a quiet neighbor — enjoying the peace and good people in his community. When he passed in 2011, he left his entire estate to create a permanent fund ...

Tat II


In last week’s column I made a mistake that must be corrected. I’d said when I was a kid the only people with tattoos were veterans. For the most part, that’s true, but a small number of The Inked Set were never in the service for all sorts of reasons, antisocial behavior not the least ...

Many thanks for Pendragon Gala

Letters to the editor

To the editor: Pendragon Theatre’s 2017 Gala was a wonderful success. We so appreciate the support of our friends in the community, our staff and volunteers, and especially wish to extend our thanks to the Uihlein Foundation for the generous use of Heaven Hill Farm. Very special thanks as ...

Don’t blame police for Charlottesville melee


Some of those involved on both sides in the violent confrontation in Charlottesville, Virginia, agree on one thing: Blame the police. Could law enforcement officials and officers have done anything better in their reaction to the Saturday mayhem? Perhaps. Rest assured, they have been ...

Armageddon postponed


North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un appears to have blinked and President Trump can claim a foreign policy victory and justification for his strategy. Reminiscent of President Ronald Reagan’s “peace through strength” approach to deterring adversaries, President Trump stood up to the ...

Sadly, America is not ‘better than this’


It has become the go-to cliche for moments like this. We whisper it when someone breaks the mosque window or scrawls hatred on the synagogue wall. It is our assurance and our hope. “We are better than this,” we say. “This is not America.” So it is no surprise to be hearing ...

(Photo provided — Yvona Fast)

Cucumbers and tomatoes make wonderful summer salads


Summer is in full swing. Tomatoes and cucumbers are abundant and delectable. Lovely garden tomatoes and fresh-picked tender cucumbers are some of the best things summer has to offer. Before the 1950s when we started trucking vegetables around the country in refrigerated trucks, tomatoes, ...

Donald Trump

Trump still emboldens white supremacists


Hundreds of neo-Nazis, Klansmen and other white supremacists shamelessly reviving Hitler’s torchlight parades and Nazi salutes; carrying clubs and shields, accompanied by their own militia brandishing semi-automatic rifles and pistols; the crowd waving swastikas, Confederate flags and other ...

World needs women engineers

Letters to the editor

To the editor: It was frustrating to read Michael Barone’s opinion column titled “Google’s ‘tolerance’ requires repression” in the Aug. 14 Enterprise. In my career as a computer programmer, women engineers have consistently been among the best programmers I’ve worked with. ...

Hemlock woolly adelgid
(Photo provided — New York State Department of 
Environmental Conservation)

Hemlock woolly adelgid — forest landowners take note


Eastern hemlocks (Tsuga canadensis) are one of the most beautiful conifers found in northern New York forests. It can take up to 300 years for them to reach mature heights of up to 70 feet and diameters of up to 3 feet. They commonly live for 500 years and can live for 800 years or longer. ...


Web Poll results, August 8-15


This week’s Web Poll: Whom do you prefer for Harrietstown Town Council? Ed Goetz, Ron Keough, Jordanna Mallach, Tracey Schrader, Undecided --- This poll is not scientific, and its results represent only the opinions of Internet users who have chosen to participate.

Back to the future, from Germany to the U.S.

Letters to the editor

To the editor: As Americans, we embrace the First Amendment. However, like a double-edged sword, it can protect as well as kill. On Saturday, Aug. 12, groups of people with different agendas assembled in Virginia. End result was violence, injury and death under the guise of free speech. Some ...

Where will Valehaven residents go?

Letters to the editor

To the editor: I read in the Malone paper they are closing Valehaven Home for Adults. That was one place I went every year to bring each of them a Christmas gift. Each one got a calendar for their room. They all were so glad to see me every Christmas. I’ve been going down for 25 ...

Tedra Cobb’s leadership is needed now

Letters to the editor

To the editor: At this point in our political scenario, nationally and locally, what we most urgently need is leadership, at all levels, that we can trust and actually look up to. We have an opportunity to elect someone to our 21st Congressional District who will meet that need, and then ...

Trump walks slowly to condemning white supremacists


WASHINGTON — It took President Donald Trump two days to do what both Republicans and Democrats said should have come fast and easy. In his carefully worded statement Monday, Trump condemned members of the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis and white supremacists as "repugnant." He vowed that his ...