Rhubarb: sweet and savory


It’s hot. The calendar still says spring, but it sure feels like summer. Summer berries won’t be here for a while — so no strawberry rhubarb pie quite yet! But our rhubarb is coming up like crazy. Rheum rhabarbarum, or garden rhubarb, thrives in cool climates from Alaska to Siberia and ...

Is your teenager ready for a car? Read this first


With high school graduation close and either college or a job around the corner for teenagers, many parents want the right car for their teen — considering both safety and cost. Each year the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety compiles a list of both used and new vehicles, including ...

Crawl to the library today


In this region, we’re lucky to have no shortage of incredible libraries. Today, Saturday, is a great time to enjoy them. More than 28 libraries throughout the North Country are participating in a “Library Crawl” today, an event designed to encourage readers to rediscover their local ...

Deep fears and shallow responses

Guest Commentary

As columnist Paul Waldman notes, the NRA argues that the more guns in society, the safer we will all be, as a heavily-armed populace deters people from committing violent crimes. In 2022, there were 647 mass shooting in this country (averaging 1.8 per day) defined as four or more people killed ...

Trouble at the St. Regis corner


I am going to back into this story. The Sr. Regis Hotel which stood at the corner of Broadway and Bloomingdale Avenue burned down in 1964. Growing up here in the 1940’s, the Hotel St. Regis was a hub of activity as the bus stop for Trailways and Greyhound with multiple runs every day. The ...



Children and teens who run have been racing to ask me what they can do to reduce the risk of getting injured while enjoying this sport. Well, let me jog through some information on this topic. Injuries in running are quite common. Almost half of all runners are injured every year, ...