Sliding track off to fast start

LAKE PLACID — While big machines and trucks moved earth, stone and building material below, working on the project that’s totally ...

Traffic Signal Operation 101

If we drive in a populated area, like most of our villages, we cannot avoid intersections controlled by three-color traffic signals. But do you know what makes them ...

Tarzanian trip to Tomany’s dismantled fire tower

‘Fire levels dorm at Paul Smith’s College’

Simplify, focus Essex County coroner rules

Poll results, Oct. 7-14

Vote for Democrats in Franklin

To the editor: I am writing in support of Leo Demong and Dick Jarvis, Democratic candidates for town council in the town of Franklin. Both men are longtime ...

Many a paradox to ponder

Glad to see Kate Smith treasured

Whom do you prefer for Franklin County legislator from District 7?

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