Are you ready for a second term of Trump?

To the editor:

What’s wrong with us, people?

Hey people, do you know that the United States of America is going downhill? Do you feel safe in your world?

Other countries are beginning to hate us because of Trump. Other countries like Iran, who wants to get rid of us again, and maybe Japan, China, North and South Korea, plus Russia, who put Trump in office. (That’s the truth.) Don’t say they didn’t because they did. I wonder how much Trump paid to have it done.

Are you ready, America, to go through a second term with this so-called person again? To be put in danger with the whole world? Are you?

Before you vote again for the president, think twice. If Trump makes it in again, be prepared for the rich to be richer and the poor and middle class to become poorer. The economy will go down, and people just might lose everything — except, of course, not the rich.

We need an honest and good, well-being next president. One who cares about our people and economy and environment and peace with other nations and countries. One who cares and doesn’t want war.

So what do you want, people? Another Trump or someone who cares about the United States and not themselves? All I can say is good luck, America.

Think about it, United States; think about it.

Betty Palin

Tupper Lake