Remember Saranac Lakers who died in World War II

To the editor:

Please reprint the list of veterans who were killed during World War II. At the beginning of the war, the village erected a large board, and as a man died, his name was listed on the board. This is the reason why they are not in alphabetical order.

Ted Morrow

Saranac Lake

Saranac Lake

On May 25, 1945, the Enterprise listed the names of 43 men from Saranac Lake who died in World War II. This list is reprinted here:

Cpl. Edwin J. Booth

Lt. Fred Guyette

Sgt. Harold Fuller

Lt. Hugh L. Kelly

Pvt. Alfred Nelson Vaughn Jr.

Seaman Carl Blumenthal

Cpl. James E. Duprea Jr.

Pvt. Lawrence Roberts

Pfc. Allen G. Bennet

Lt. William Robert Slater

Cpl. Clayton Lewis

Capt. William B. Reardon

Pvt. Oliver LaRose

Pvt. Francis N. Fox

Pvt. Lawrence Woods

Cpl. Archie J. Sweeney

Pvt. John G. Deming

Pvt. Albert James Latour

Cpl. Carlton Morrow

T-5 Grade Edwin R. Noyes

Pfc. Elbert Smith Hale

Lt. John Eugene Lester

Cpl. Robert Wells McCrum

Pvt. Kenneth L. Morrow

Lt. Walter Stringham

Pvt. Leon H. Sarant

Pfc. Richard A. Sweet

Pvt. Kenneth Drumm

Pvt. Jack Porter

Pvt. Edward McGrath

Lt. Raymond Traynor

Pvt. Aldo L. Sorcinelli

Pfc. James Wallace Yattigan

Pvt. Robert Goetz

Lt. Willard Dora

Pfc. Gilbert Slater

Pfc. William B. North Jr.

Pvt. Leonard Baker

Sgt. John Flynn

Cpl. James Cox

Cpl. Daniel Sullivan

Sgt. Leo R. Whitman

Pvt. Millard Willis