Franklin County landfill remains in good hands

To the editor:

I was a board member of the County of Franklin Solid Waste Authority for eight years. During that time George Eades, a Canadian with an agricultural engineering degree from McGill University, was its executive director. During that time Eades took the landfill from red to black, money-wise, and solved its environmental issues (smell, eyesore and fires).

On my way home from Canada on Dec. 26, I stopped by the landfill to say goodbye to George, who is retiring in April. There I met Ellen Hooker, who took me on a tour of the new offices and repair shops. They were state of the art, and Ms. Hooker was most impressive.

She is a Paul Smith’s alum, ex-state trooper and former volunteer firefighter. She has a list of other important jobs. She is personable, confident and seemingly very competent.

When George arrived, he gave me a tour of the landfill itself. He has gotten DEC (state Department of Environmental Conservation) approval and financing for new cells and bought enough land for the next 200 years. Current landowners are allowed to stay as tenants.

Eades thinks highly of Ms. Hooker as his successor. Also, Jill Wood is returning as bookkeeper. If I were a county legislator, I would bet on these two women.

Paul J. Herrmann

Saranac Lake