Local Showcase #1 Saturday at the Waterhole

Crowfeather consists of Chris Morris, Luke Meissner, Kelsey Amell, Andrew Parent and Shaun Kittle. (Photo provided)

What: Local Showcase #1

Who: Bands Crowfeather, Scarsdale Vibe and Waydown Wailers

When: 9 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 16. Doors at 8 p.m.

Where: Waterhole Upstairs Music Lounge, 48 Main St., Saranac Lake

How much: $10

SARANAC LAKE — The Waterhole Upstairs Music Lounge will host a local showcase Saturday featuring bands from in and around the North Country, such as Crowfeather, Scarsdale Vibe and Waydown Wailers.

Eric Munley, operator of the Waterhole, has been bringing in bands from all over the North East. Just last week they host four groups, all from New England, but for this event he wants to give local bands a platform.


Crowfeather is an eclectic mix of rock, funk and jazz from Saranac Lake.

Drummer Shaun Kittle is the “only surviving, original member” of Crowfeather. The past couple of years have seen band mates come and go all the while Kittle tried to create the perfect sound and relationship among members.

“I’m don’t mean to bash anyone here,” he said, “but this is by far my favorite lineup.”

Kelsey Amell began singing with Crowfeather earlier this spring. She brings a fresh and creative directive to the band, according to Kittle.

Because the sound and band members have evolved multiple times in the past few years, Kittle said, “If you’ve seen us before, you should definitely come see us again.”

Scarsdale Vibe

Named after a villainous character from Thomas Pynchon’s novel, “Against the Day,” Scarsdale Vibe is an energetic and rough punk-rock band.

“At it’s core, it’s gritty, unhibited garage rock,” said guitarist and vocalist Eric Ackerson, “but it’s always hard describing it.”

In songs such as “War Paint” and “I Done Warned You Wrong” Ackerson utilizes a heavily reverbed guitar akin to bands like Dead Kennedys and The Trashmen. It creates a big guitar sound that’s similar to waves crashing on the beach.

Waydown Wailers

This will be the first time playing the Waterhole for the Canton-based outlaw jam-rock back.

“Eric’s a major supporter of original music,” said drummer Michael “Scruffy” Sriminger. “It is the place you want to play.”

Though not technically from to Saranac Lake, Waydown Wailers considers themselves a local band as long as the venue is around upstate New York.

Scriminger said there aren’t many venues in the Canton-Potsdam area; usually Waydown Wailers books shows closer to Syracuse.

“This time we’ve only got to travel an hour away,” he said. “We’re glad Eric is giving us the chance to perform.”

Waydown Wailers has opened for some nationally recognized acts, such as the Spin Doctors, New Riders of the Purple Sage and Lady Antebellum, all of which have completely different sounds.

“We don’t fit one style,” Scriminger said. “If you like jam, you’re gonna have fun. If you like rock, you’re gonna have fun. All the flavors of who we are come out in our music, and that’s why we can open up for different bands.”