Stanley Cup back in Placid

LAKE PLACID — Hockey fans will have the opportunity to view and take photos of themselves with the Stanley Cup when it returns to Lake ...

Dems look forward by looking inland

In Texas, most politicians used to worry only about the primaries. Once they won their party’s endorsement, candidates would coast to victory in November. ...

Memo to Dems: 2020 is not 2018

Roundabouts on the rise — intersection of choice

Talk to children about nicotine addiction

His heart felt as if it would pound out of his chest, the 15-year-old boy told a resource officer at a high school in Ohio on March 1. The deputy called for an ...

Web Poll results, Dec. 31 to Jan. 7

Space Force cost would be astronomical

Thoughts on the landfill

To the editor: What is happening at the regional landfill? Are there financial, engineering or environmental problems? Are operations there and at transfer ...

Adirondack Rail Trail change in the language

A professional survey can make a big difference

Should New York outlaw hunting tournaments, as a bill in the Assembly and Senate proposes?

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