‘The Magic Trunk’ with Sylvia Fletcher comes to Big Tupper Brewing Saturday with two shows

Sylvia Fletcher and “Smoulder” (Photo provided)

TUPPER LAKE — Big Tupper Brewing will present Sylvia Fletcher and her ‘Magic Trunk’ show for two performances Saturday, Oct. 7 at the Cliff Avenue pub in Tupper Lake.

Doors open at 11 a.m. for the kids show, with lunch seating at 11:30 a.m. and the show beginning at 12:30 p.m. The $7 ticket price includes lunch.

The doors will re-open at 4 p.m. for the adult show, with dinner seating starting at 5 p.m. and showtime at 7 p.m. The $25 ticket price includes dinner.

With influences like ventriloquist Paul Winchell, “Saturday Night Live,” Nick at Night and the Cartoon Network, Sylvia Fletcher used her talents to become a comedy actress and ventriloquist.

Fletcher would probably not have asked for a puppet and created a variety of funny characters if not fot them, would not have practiced the art of ventriloquism for hours on end, and would probably not have become a talented puppet master.

Fletcher tours throughout the World with the “Magic Trunk,” a well traveled box inhabited by a bunch of quick-witted puppets and inanimate objects that she comically brings to life through ventriloquism. Growing up in Los Angeles, California with ventriloquist Paul Winchell, Jeff Dunham and many others , she developed a love for puppets. At the age of 5, she asked her parents for “Willie Talk,” her very first vent figure.

Fast forward to the present, and she has more or less retired her traditional vent figures, choosing instead to entertain with a variety of professional puppets. Her cast of characters includes “Smoulder,” a funny stega-dragon, “Portia,” an outrageous diva, “Chito,” a slick Latino opossum, and many others.

She said she has no particular favorite puppet as she loves them all because they are all so different and original. While she pieces all of her characters together taking elements from her own life, her California roots or the characteristics of her own experiences in Corporate America, she is careful to ensure that all of her characters are unique unto themselves.

Fletcher resides in Satatoga Springs with her husband Christopher, a native of Tupper Lake. Chris is heavily involved with the show’s management, production and is the comic emcee for the show.

For more information, contact Big Tupper Brewing at 518-359-6350 or email info@ bigtupperbrewing.com.