Vacation photo contest (week 5)

Joe Munn and Megan Glennon take a look at the Enterprise while celebrating their wedding with family and friends on Sanibel Island, Florida.
Dorothy Metz takes time out from her lively musical tour of Northern Ireland to read the Adirondack Daily Enterprise.
Ned and Tasman Kanze relax with their local newspaper at the Omni Bretton Woods Hotel pool as Mount Washington towers in the background. 
Lisa Pace reads the Enterprise from “the big chair” in Wilmington, where she has recently purchased a home she and her partner plan to live in once they retire. They currently live north of Syracuse and spend most of their vacation time in the Adirondacks.
Caroleigh Meserole and Blair Moody hold up the Feb. 4 Adirondack Daily Enterprise with the king and queen of this year’s Winter Carnival on the front page.