Jamie Rogers for mayor

To the editor:

Jamie Rogers is the best candidate for mayor of Lake Placid. I worked with Jamie for several years and have been his neighbor for most of those. In that time, Jamie has demonstrated his unwavering commitment and dedication to the people of this Village.

In working with Jamie on several issues related to economic development and energy efficiency, I’ve been struck by his love of this place. Jamie has insight into how communities should work as well as innovative ideas for Lake Placid because he knows what makes this place unique.

Whenever I have had a question about how something works here, Jamie has known exactly where to send me to get the information. Through our conversations, he has demonstrated his passion for the people who live here and his desire to make Lake Placid better — whether through affordable housing, public transportation, energy efficiency programs, addressing short-term rental issues or the lack of sidewalks in residential areas.

I believe our mayor should live in our Village. Not just part of the year — our mayor must be here, walking Main Street, talking to business owners and driving through our neighborhoods, every day. That is the only way to understand what our community needs.

Jamie Rogers has my vote, and I urge you to vote for him as well.


Caitlin Wargo

Lake Placid


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