United Way needs your support

To the editor:

Whenever we have been faced with challenges and opportunities as a community, the United Way of the Adirondack Region has stepped up to help. The type of help that is offered runs the gamut from giving kids a safe place to go after school to critical medical transportation by land and by air. I have seen the organization react swiftly and meaningfully to disasters such as fires and floods as well as those slow, less visible crises such as the crippling opioid and addiction epidemic and the high rate of families living below the ALICE threshold.

John Bernardi, Kathy Snow and the team at the United Way have not skipped a beat in responding to the COVID crisis and should be considered with the same high esteem that we bestow upon all essential workers. From making sure that those most vulnerable families receive services to personal protective equipment collection and distribution to helping our local human services organizations adapt to the changing environment, United Way has been leading the way. Not to mention, they have spearheaded our local census effort to make sure that we receive appropriate representation and support in the decade to come.

To provide such reliable and vital services to this area, the United Way needs your support. If you are a local employer or human resources director, please contact the United Way at 518-563-0028 to learn about sponsoring an education and fundraising drive within your organization. The 2020-21 campaign team is ready and waiting to energize, inform and inspire your group — virtually or following appropriate social distancing practices. Give your employees the chance to be generous and give back to this incredible community. Payroll deduction may be the only realistic means for many of your employees to make charitable donations a part of their regular routine. As a local business owner myself, I can attest that a “culture of giving” adds to a stronger sense of teamwork and higher morale. Just a reminder, individual donations are always welcome, too!


Hannah Provost



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