Short-term rentals help out the little man

To the editor:

I have been reading about the short-term rentals. Great idea. People want to come and enjoy the Adirondacks. They can’t afford the ridiculous prices for rooms at the motels and hotels.

When working people want a vacation, they have to look at what they can afford. The short-term rentals give them a chance to enjoy themselves. They eat at restaurants and shop in stores. The property owners make a little for themselves. Even Mayor Rabideau rents them out.

Now that the village of Saranac lake has helped the new hotel, which is going up, get a grant for $790,000, and they got another $2 million, they have to make sure it gets the tourists.

Now there are complaints of the short-term rentals. These people own their property and pay taxes. They should be able to do what they want.

Even the schools are complaining about them. School attendees are going down. People aren’t having children. People are leaving the state because of high taxes. The attendance has been going down in other towns as well.

If there are no short-term rentals, people might not come. Then the businesses lose out.

There is also going to be a big hotel built in Tupper Lake.

Let the little man make a few dollars, if they can.

Hazel La Bounty

Lake Placid


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