Congrats to Stefanik on new home in Schuylerville

To the editor:

It was nice to read that Matt Manda and his wife, Elise Stefanik, acted like newlyweds, saved and bought a home like a normal couple, unlike many D.C elected. So while it was good to read, it is also sad. They have picked a nice village with a smaller population than our wonderful town of Willsboro that she has called home for her start. They will make excellent residents and I would think it would make commuting easier for both. Congratulations. I know some folks from Willsboro called Elise out for not being from here, but heck most of them are not from here.

I came here in ’88 from New Hampshire; others came from different states or even from the city. One thing no one can deny, she has been a great Congresswoman and one that put Willsboro on the map as having elected the youngest congresswoman, until this last election. Another credit to her calling Willsboro her home, she always answered the call to make appearances, to help, to be a friend, to support our needs and help everyone, regardless of party.

Wow, when I think about it she does that for the whole district.

I find it sad that I will now read all the press and it will be tagged “Stefanik R- Schuylerville.” I so much loved seeing R-Willsboro. Elise, while neither of us are “locals,” my wife and I thank you for being a wonderful resident while it lasted and we will miss seeing you at the Turtle Island Cafe,Willsboro Hardware, the Willsboro Diner and all around town as much as we did.

Knowing you love Willsboro since you have been coming here for about 30 years, I know we will keep seeing you. Again, congratulations on your new home!

Win Belanger