Artists’ Guild photo exhibit to celebrate the art of film

“Adirondacks Panorama (High Peaks from Giant)” is one of Mark Kurtz’s photographs that will be on display at the Adirondacks Artists Guild. (Provided photo)

SARANAC LAKE — Film is NOT dead.

As a matter of fact, it is very much alive at the Adirondack Artists Guild this coming month with an exhibit by photographer Mark Kurtz.

Although he does his commercial work in the digital format, most of Kurtz’s fine art photography is shot on film and either printed in the darkroom using traditional processes or scanned (which digitizes the image), worked in the “digital darkroom” and printed as ink-jet prints.

Being able to make the digital ink-jet prints allows Kurtz to print big, “way bigger than I would like to attempt in the darkroom.”

He will include a couple of especially large prints as part of the exhibit.

There will be imagery made with several different film formats: using a 4×5 large format camera, a panorama camera, multi-frame images made with a 35mm SLR, and the plastic Holga “toy camera.”

Kurtz will present his film-based imagery as both silver prints (darkroom prints) and ink-jet prints.

The exhibit opens at the Guild gallery, 52 Main St, Saranac Lake, on Friday with a reception at 5 p.m. The show runs through Dec. 2.

Kurtz will give two gallery talks, this Sunday and Sunday, Nov. 17, both at 2 p.m.