Waterhole’s Party on the Patio continues this week with Chesnut Grove

(Photo provided)

SARANAC LAKE — Hosted by the Waterhole Music Lounge, the live music series Party on the Patio takes place outdoors, every Thursday night from 6 to 10 p.m. through Oct. 3.

This free concert series commissions 25 accomplished bands spanning multiple states including Colorado Texas and Louisiana; yet the musical lineup places an impressive focus on top-notch touring bands of the Northeast.

Genres are diverse and cover everything from rock and roll, to bluegrass, soul, joyful jazz, psychedelic folk rock, ragtime, stomp and boogie, even West African funk.

“Playing Party on the Patio feels like a musical family reunion,” said Arthur Buzeo of The Blind Owl Band. “It brings everyone out of the woodwork to collectively enjoy our community.”

With “POP” entering its 11th consecutive season, the series has gained in popularity, attracting 5,000 people seasonally who celebrate music and community at its prime location on Main Street in Downtown Saranac Lake.

“As if the natural beauty surrounding Saranac Lake wasn’t enough to make it one of our favorite places to play music, and The Waterhole’s owners were not some of the most generous and good-timey folks we have been lucky enough to come across, the always-inspiring support and enthusiasm the community affords Party On The Patio makes it a guaranteed enjoyable show for us, a party we will look forward to playing for many years to come,” Luke Mallett of The Mallett Brothers Band.

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The Waterhole is located at 48 Main St.