Three chances to catch ‘Death & Acids’ murder mystery

SARANAC LAKE – It is said that all politics are local; then that means all of the government wanted Travis Rex dead. The departed mayor of Trout Lake was found dead in a pool of chemicals that were not accidental. Thus is the beginning “Death & Acids” as the Gem*Boy Productions Murder Mystery returns to Saranac Lake Winter Carnival.

The show will be staged at the Elks Club on 30 Bloomingdale Ave. on three Saturdays: Feb. 2, 9 and 16.

Little is know about the murder, but one thing is for sure: It seems everyone in Trout Lake wanted Travis Rex dead, and too many people had access to the means. In fact, like the murder weapon — acids — Travis Rex was referred to as another A-word (arrogant) by everyone who had contact with him.

To his face, he was called “T-Rex.” Men hated him; women loved to hate him. And children had nightmares about him.

The audience will watch as the first act unfolds. Each character’s reason for killing will be revealed. Then they will be in charge of going to clue sites to interview the suspects, and finding the murderer. Only the smartest of the investigators will be able to see through a false alibi. Often the best sleuth is the man or woman who doesn’t ask a single question but watches as each character tries to squirm their way into an alibi.

The only way this case will be solved is if the audience can outwit the suspects and solve this endeavor in deadly chemistry.

The audience will have approximately 20 minutes to conduct interrogations. Then, while they mull over who done it, they will enjoy a delicious dinner.

Dinner includes homemade chicken soup, salad, different chicken dishes with angel hair pasta for each night (chicken picatta on Feb. 2, chicken marsala on Feb. 9 and chicken parmesan on Feb. 16).

The Pasta Puttanesca will be the vegetarian dish (will make without anchovies). There will also be dessert.

Jessica Deeb, Rick Burdt, Kristin Finn, McCayla Quinn and Andrew Scanio will step onto the Saranac Lake Elks Club stage in the form of the characters of dog catcher, judge, zoning inspector, DMV agent and economic development director.

During dinner, the audience’s answers are collected just in time for a final resolve when the killer is revealed. Each night it will be a different killer. Each show will start with cocktails at 6:02 p.m., followed by the first act at 6:33 p.m. and dinner at 7:34 p.m.

For ticket purchase, go to Brown Paper Tickets online.


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