Taste, rate pure maple syrup products at Paul Smith’s Friday

PAUL SMITHS – Most people have had a variety of pure maple products that come from the sap of maple trees, but have you ever tried the sap, syrup, and other products that come from birch trees?

On Friday, June 12, the public is invited to come sample the variety of products creative birch tree tappers from around the world are producing.

People will get a chance to rank all of the products for the tasting competition and vote for “the best tasting birch product” at the conference.

In addition to a wide variety of birch syrup and birch sap beverages, there will also be birch-maple syrup blends, birch caramels, mustards, kvas, birch bacon jam, birch almond brittle and more.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to talk with birch sap and syrup producers from Alaska, the Yukon, Minnesota, Maine, Finland, Russia, Czechoslovakia and right here in New York, and learn about the process of turning birch sap into sweet and savory delights.

The event will be held in the Bobcat Lounge of the Weill Student Center at Paul Smith’s College, as part of the International Birch Sap & Syrup Conference

The fee is $10 to get in and all samples are free.

For more information, call the Paul Smith’s VIC at 518-327-6241.