Lake Placid, North Elba make building, planning changes

LAKE PLACID — Starting March 25, all building permit applications and review and zoning board applications will be required to be submitted online at “Cloudpermit” — https://us.cloudpermit.com.

Paper copies will no longer be accepted unless an applicant is given specific permission by the Building & Planning Department to provide such.

Cloudpermit allows both government and public users to access their projects on their phones, tablets and computers at any time from any browser. The public can file Building Permit applications and Review & Zoning Board applications, check statuses of permits and cases, request inspections, review agendas and documents for meetings, send messages and pay fees online.

Users will be required to create an account at the above website. The user can be the property owner, contractor, architect or anyone appointed by the owner to be their representative. The user can also add additional parties that they want to keep “in the loop” during the application process.

Contact the Building and Planning Department at 518-523-9518 for any questions.


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