First with Kids, by Dr. Lewis First


Holiday travel that’s a dream, not a nightmare

With the holidays approaching, I am surprised at the number of horror stories I seem to be hearing from parents about traveling over the holidays with their children. Since I don’t want parents to have travel nightmares, let me provide a few “trips” or, rather, tips to make travel with ...

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Sane holiday shopping with children

As the holiday season approaches, parents are eager for any shopping tips I can give — not in terms of gifts they might buy but in terms of taking their children shopping without a hassle. Let me see if I can “sale” through a few tips with you. First, know your child’s limits. ...

The pressing issue of peer pressure

Parents have been pressing me to give them some tips to help their children deal with peer pressure. Let me see if I can decompress some of their concerns and provide some information on this topic.Peer pressure can have both positive and negative effects on your child. If a peer of your ...