Team Craft Day organized at Bloomingdale School

Michelle Fahl helps Aine Kline. (Photo provided)
Tristan LaDue, grade 5, puts her tree decoration in with the completed projects. (Photo provided)

BLOOMINGDALE — The Bloomingdale Elementary School Student Council initiated the idea to expand its family concept to teams across grades Kindergarten through fifth grade, and on specific days throughout the year, there would be Team Activities Day.

On Dec. 21, the faculty and staff organized a Team Craft Day. The entire day was centered on activities the students did with their members from the different grade levels. Older students helped younger students and children got to know children from different classes through a variety of learning activities.

Bloomingdale School was divided into 10 teams and the student chosen names included: The Bears, The Hurricanes, The Unicorns and The Angels. The activities included decorating sugar cookie ornaments, stained glass window decorations for winter carnival and tree ornaments.

The classes also included a movement class where younger and older students helped each other on scooters as well as a robotics/coding class where students learned to program their own computer applications.

Through all this activity, the students were able to have a time to hear a story and have a cocoa break. Tops Markets provided the hot chocolate for this very successful day.