First day back to school at Saranac Lake High School

The grand finale of the faculty dance at the first day of school Sept. 6 at Saranac Lake High School (Photo provided)
Ms. Willette-Burman and Mr. Dann perform in the faculty dance (Photo provided0
Saranac Lake High School Principal Josh Dann addresses seniors in September. (Photo provided)
Students heading to their classes (Photo provided)
The students who made the opening day videos are pictured: (Front) Maggie Peer, Madelynn Munn, Kayleigh Merrill, Storm Reynolds (middle) Abigail Hunt, Ethan Ecret, Arriana Patraw, Madi Grimone, Alex Hill, Sean Lincoln (back) Colden Celeste, Julian Gambacurta, DJ Morgan and Sawyer Chase. (Photo provided)
Freshman Helena Dramm (Photo provided)
From left, sophomores Rosemary Crowley, Hailey Cornell and Kellie Claremont (Photo provided)
Senior Madison Moon (Photo provided)
Ms. Morgan and her first period class (Photo provided)
(Photo provided)
Senior Alex Hill at the first day assembly (Photo provided)
Rane Delancett (Photo provided)
Ms. Baker opens the library (Photo provided)

Scenes from the first day of school Sept. 6 at the Saranac Lake High School.