Education camps

To the editor:

Paula Collins, a carpetbagger from New York City who has never voted in the district and lives out of a house she rents, now says she wants to put people like me in re-education encampments. In case you missed the news, Paula Collins went public by saying she believes MAGA supporters need to be sent to encampments to relearn their civic duties. When will New York City Democrats learn that their attempts to turn upstate New York into a socialist commune aren’t going to work? Paula Collins has the audacity to call Trump a dictator while talking about putting her political opponents in camps. Sounds like someone is projecting. At least some of the Democrats have the decency to hold her accountable for her actions. However, most of the party’s leadership is silent. Do Democrats agree with the statements of their candidate in NY-21? Will they be silent when one of their own talks about putting people into camps and re-educating them, or will they speak up? I hope they will have the same decency that they themselves claim to preach.

Todd Hight



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