Too smart by a half

To the editor:

For folks who have ever thought, “Ya know, Paul Van Cott is not as smart as he thinks he is.” Well, you’re right.

I’m camping at Tybee Island in Georgia on my first solo trip with our “ADK Tag” teardrop trailer. Showing how I can be an adventurous guy. I got the site set up perfectly and wanted to secure everything before heading for a walk on the beach. Even sent pictures home to show how well I had done and received rave reviews. Locked the trailer up and put the keys in the truck. Locked the truck, of course. Grabbed an apple and went for a long walk on a nice day. Walked with a bit of a swagger for having been so smart.

When I reached the other end of the island, I turned around and started thinking about getting back to the site. I felt my pockets and realized I had no keys with me. The trailer keys were safely locked in the truck. Oh yeah, and the truck key was safely locked in the trailer. So here I sit, waiting for Pop-A-Lock (Never knew such a company existed).

P.S., please don’t tell Leslie, Dylan or Sasha.

Paul Van Cott

Saranac Lake


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