Reason to doubt assurances on Petrova plan

To the editor:

I would like to respond to Mayor Jimmy Williams’ commentary in Saturday’s paper (“Community Public Safety Building”).

I have reason to doubt some of the mayor’s statements. One in particular, he wrote that “the public safety building will not be disruptive to residential neighbors,” and that “there are no plans to use Lake Street, Petrova Avenue or Canaras Avenue as emergency vehicle” exits or entrances.

Last month, Saranac Lake’s Community Development director told me that the original plan to have trucks come and go by Route 3 had changed, and that the vehicles would follow a circular traffic pattern in which they they would leave by Route 3, but return along our quiet streets. The only actual plan of the building we have seen shows a garage along the side with doors facing my front porch.

Maybe the mayor has a newer plan he hasn’t shown the neighbors. I want to trust the mayor, but when he says “there are no plans” to use our neighborhood streets and the plan says otherwise, I worry about all the other assurances he has made to the Hhott House and to the community and even to the members of our public safety services.

Elizabeth Kochar

Saranac Lake


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