Why aren’t youth involved in politics?

To the editor:

Growing up, I always found myself interested in the ever changing political environment. Though I never fully understood most of the topics I’d see on the nightly news, I’d still take the time and watch with my parents. Fast forward to today, it’s hard to come by youth, especially teens, that truly understand the role they play in our vast democracy.

The political world and government is a crucial part of our country today. It’s what keeps the nation moving which is why I believe the more you know about it, the better it is, not only for you but for the country as a whole. Knowledge is such a powerful tool and when it comes to knowing your role and the power you hold, the more you understand the better.

Unfortunately, it seems many teens lack interest in government and politics, consumed by the present and distracted by social media. The thought that the same people that spend hours on popular apps like TikTok and Instagram daily are the same people who, in a few years, have the power to change the world through their vote is quite unnerving. I hope to see more youth involvement in politics and government because moving forward, we are the future.

Louie Reale

Sand Lake


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