Ellis should apologize for treatment of Williams

To the editor:

Beware the party of inclusion. In what can only be described as a disturbing and surreal scene, local businessman and aspiring mayoral candidate Jimmy Williams was vilified by our county legislator for the crime of trying to run for office. A clearly rigged format and very uneven questioning made it crystal clear Mr. Williams was unwanted by certain members of local Democratic leadership. I wonder what they are afraid of.

Instead of simply asking Mr. Williams to clarify his residency status, he was bullied and badgered by Ms. Ellis and barely allowed to respond. When he was finally allowed to speak, Jimmy addressed the issue in his usual fashion with honesty and integrity. Jimmy Williams is very well within his rights to run for mayor of our village and he intends to do just that, intimidation and attempts to discredit him will only fuel his fire. You have asked for a fight, congratulations and best of luck because your wish has come true, come get some!

Jimmy Williams is a decorated combat veteran, a Saranac Lake native, owner of two successful village businesses and a man supporting the young family he has chosen to raise (shockingly) in his own hometown. To be excoriated for the crime of trying to give back to his community had to be very embarrassing for the rank and file democrats in attendance. By the way, Jimmy is guilty as sin of giving back to the community, too many examples to list here. But I will mention the annual Turkey Trot fundraiser, the wildly successful event Jimmy created with his brother and business partner that has raised $198,000 since its inception. Simply put, there is no one else in this village capable of pulling that event off, year after year. Jimmy gets it done.

Ms. Ellis, your behavior was shameful in what should be a fair and balanced process, you attacked your own constituent with nothing but your own bias. You owe Mr. Williams a public apology at the very least and an apology to your own party. You have violated your office, you have happily chosen the ethical low road and have made it abundantly clear you only represent people of your own party, not all the residents of District 7 as you were elected to do. This letter is my personal opinion and was in no way solicited by the candidate.


Jim Murnane

Saranac Lake


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