Does Stefanik care about veterans?

To the editor:

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik was due back to work on Jan. 11. There were bills to be voted on. In a letter to the House Clerk, Stefanik said she’d be unable to physically attend because of “the ongoing public health emergency” (“Stefanik votes by proxy to fundraise with Trump,” Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Jan. 15). Like a kid playing hooky, she lied about the reason for her absence and then hopped on a plane to Florida.

She got back to Washington in time to vote against veterans the next day. On Jan. 12, Elise Stefanik voted “nay” on HR1836. Once again, on Jan. 20, Elise votes against veterans with her “nay” on HR4673. Both bills had support from the Veterans of Foreign Wars and other veterans organizations.

Fortunately, the bills passed with bipartisan support. Does Elise really care about veterans?

Phyllis Sinclair



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