We are more than neighbors

To the editor:

I live in Cornwall, Vermont, a few miles from Crown Point. I support Tedra Cobb, candidate for U.S. Congress. She is an articulate former St. Lawrence County legislator who has fought for health care and the North Country economy her whole professional life.

Why am I writing this? It matters to Vermonters who represents northern New York. We share a rural economy. Our residents commute back and forth to work in both states. We share health care resources. Patients travel from as far south as Ticonderoga to be seen at the University of Vermont health care system. We share the same environment. What goes into our drains and streams ends up in our precious Lake Champlain. We share air quality; emissions from smoke stacks and truck exhaust commingle over our heads. Our intact northern forests and agricultural lands store carbon and release oxygen for us to breathe. We are more than neighbors.

Rep. Elise Stefanik endorses the extreme Trump-Republican agenda. When she stands at Trump’s elbow and praises him to television cameras, Stefanik is not looking out for the needs and interests of northern New York. She voted against the Affordable Care Act without an alternative. She voted for the Farm Bill, gutting conservation programs and adding work requirements to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Her party is cutting regulations that protect our air, lakes and streams. Look them up; her votes are slaps in the face of her constituents in northern New York.

Worst of her lapses, she has not stood up to protect us from COVID-19. She stands by the White House’s disorganized and politically motivated response to a pandemic that has killed more than 199,200 Americans. If you can’t get a test, if your school or your mom’s nursing home seems to be winging it, blame Elise and her mentor, Mr. Trump.

Unlike Stefanik, Tedra Cobb will address income inequality, overturn Citizens United, adopt the National Health Insurance Act, and pursue ethics reform and term limits. I have met her, and I trust her. Please vote for Tedra Cobb, a compassionate proven leader, Nov. 3. I wish I could.

Lisa Anderson

Cornwall, Vermont


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