Tedra Cobb is unprofessional

To the editor:

It’s crucial for a congressional representative to uphold a certain level of dignity and professionalism. We want the members of our government to show their best sides, to try and maintain the aura of respect our nation so rightfully deserves. Unfortunately, it seems like Tedra Cobb is ignoring that rule, deciding to instead embrace the crassness and rudeness of a “woke” progressive Twitter user.

The incident I’m referring to, of course, is Tedra Cobb’s inappropriate statement about Donald Trump and Elise Stefanik on Twitter using the Constitution as toilet paper. Now, regardless of if you agree with this statement, doesn’t it come off as unprofessional? I know we don’t live in the most civil age of politics, but I feel her saying this is incredibly low. We should expect more from our representatives, that they be mature and at least somewhat polite to one another. Tedra Cobb has crossed the line with this statement. In the current age of political toxicity, we need a candidate who tries to bring the community together, not one who hurls crude insults at their opponents. Additionally, Tedra’s comments have a strong similarity to the rhetoric of Donald Trump, a man she has spent plenty of time denouncing for his language style. Even if you think Ms. Cobb is right about the president and congresswoman, it still shows clear and present hypocrisy on her part.

In today’s times, it’s easy to fall into trends or anger. I still believe our country should maintain a certain level of dignity and respect, at least in terms of our representatives. Our country deserves a certain level of respect from our political leaders, and Tedra Cobb has shown she does not value those principles. That is why I am voting for Elise this November.

Rose Debuque



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