My name is Emma

To the editor:

Dear People Who Look At Me Funny,

Did you know, I am just like you?

People don’t understand.

I am strong. I am funny. I am smart.

I get frustrated when people don’t listen to me. I am strong because I have Rett syndrome and I have had back surgery. I work hard at school. I am sad when people talk about me while I am right there. I joke around with my teachers by telling them, “I don’t want to work.” I can be silly with my friends. 

I see. I hear. I feel.

I see people dancing; I wish I could dance with them. I hear the birds sing their beautiful songs. I feel the pain when someone is being mean to me.

I am strong. I am funny. I am smart.

I see. I hear. I feel.

My name is Emma.

I am just like you.


Emma Dalton

Saranac Lake Middle School


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