School budgets pass in Saranac Lake, Lake Placid

This week’s column will be based on a copy of The Adirondack Daily Enterprise of June 11, 1969, through the courtesy of Mark Peppin, who has given me a treasure of Enterprises from the past. Thank you, Mark.

So let’s begin with the Saranac Lake school budget, which drew a crowd of 370 residents who registered to vote on the budget.

“Although a few hot words were exchanged in the opening session the Saranac Lake Central’s School Board’s proposed budget and three additional propositions were approved last night at the school district’s annual meeting.

“David Young was elected for another term on the school board, beating John Garwood who was also running for that seat. ‘Newcomer’ Gerald Luhmann was elected to the board filling a seat vacated by Harry Sullivan who chose not to run again.”

There is no reporter’s name on the story; it must have been the reporter’s first assignment. There is not one word listing the amount of the budget or why it was so hotly contested. In addition there is not a mention of who was serving on the board or who conducted the meeting. There was no mention of anyone who spoke at the meeting or what the arguments were about.

As you will read in the caption with the accompanying photo — “a motion was made from the floor to curtail arguments and begin the voting.”

The following propositions passed:

“To provide transportation for students residing more than three-fourths of a mile from the school; to pay the Saranac Lake Free Library $3,000 for contract services and to purchase the former Muzzy Garage on the Bloomingdale Road for a bus garage.”

Lake Placid budget

Much better reporting on the Lake Placid School budget, even though only 59 voters of an eligible 1,000 voters were at the meeting.

“They approved the $1,096,000 budget, including $17,450 for the Lake Placid Public Library Budget and the purchase of a 60-passenger school bus for $11,700.

“Only 10 persons at the meeting were not directly or indirectly connected with the school or its staff.

“The budget as read by school administrator John Dixon, pared as thin as the board felt it could go. The budget will be approximately the same as last year. In the 26-page annual meeting report the board listed $71,350 which had been deleted from their first budget figures.

“The budget encompassed fully a capital expenditures of nearly $45,000 for new fire escapes and the $11,700 for the school bus.”

County sets hearing date for NCCC

“The Franklin County Board of Supervisors, (no Board of Legislators as of yet) announced that a public hearing on the $1,273,012 North Country Community College budget has been set for Tuesday, June 24, at 2 p.m. in the Board of Supervisors Room at the Court House in Malone.

“The budget lists expenditures as follows: administration, $140,048; library, $93,746; instruction, $534,600; student services, $111,239; community services, $11,000; work study, $52,392; maintenance, $96,487; general (fixed), $232,500; for a total expenditure of $1,273,012.

“Revenues are listed as follows: students services, $3463,700; other revenues, $4,500; federal aid, $67,714; state aid, $400,266; in lieu local sponsor, $130,600; local sponsor, $306,232; for a total of $1,273,012.

“The Franklin County contribution to NCCC budget will be $153,116.00 for an increase of $23,293.50 over last year’s budget.”

North Elba board grants exemption

“The North Elba Town Board Tuesday night at their regular meeting unanimously approved a resolution to enact a local law granting a 50 per cent tax exemption to persons 65 or over who meet the stringent qualifications of the law. This followed a public hearing on the tax plan.

“Dick Center and building inspector, Oren Preston, appeared before the board to acquaint them with Mr. Center’s proposed Mobile Home Court at Fawn Ridge. All the board members were agreed that there was a definite need for the court and asked Mr. center to submit his application for a zoning change from R1-A to Planned Development District. Mr. Center’s plan for the court calls for space for 40 mobile homes.

“The North Elba Planning Board, advised the Town Board, through Araxie Dunn, secretary to the board, to refuse the present request of Harold Regis for a zoning change from Resort Residential to Retail Commercial of the land around the Saranac Lake Golf Course and suggested that he apply for a Planned Development district designation. His Attorney, Favor Smith, was present and indicated the new proposal would meet with Mr. Regis’ approval although it would delay start of construction. Another public hearing will be held on Mr. Regis’ new petition on June 24 at 7:30 p.m.

“Bob Allen, park district manager, reported to the board that the summer ice season which opens Monday has a registration of 18 per cent above 1968. Plans for the Physicians Fly-in this weekend and the 8-ball competition were complete. The information center is to be located on the north side of the town hall and the town board will ask permission of the village to use two or three parking spaces for the convenience of tourists.

“Mrs. William Shurter and Mrs. Robert Mullarney and Mrs. Harold Goff were present to ask permission of the board to open the Teen Canteen on Sunday afternoons from 1 to 5 starting in September. The board approved the plan on an experimental basis.”


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