They’re essential

Amber Clark and Colleen Smith have been the heartbeat of the Long Lake division of the Hamilton-Warren County Office of the Aging through the New York State on PAUSE orders. They cooked and prepped meals steadily, delivering 1,925 meals and driving over 2,860 miles for the local Meals on Wheels program. They served local residents as well as seasonal homeowners who returned early and voluntarily quarantined for two weeks upon return. While always happy to prepare a healthy meal, their favorite menu items to make are always desserts. Fan favorites include homemade rainbow cupcakes for Mother’s Day and the red, white and blue cheesecake for Memorial Day. In addition to the meal drop three times a week, Colleen and Amber funneled vital community information to the most vulnerable population. They hand-delivered posters and masks, and helped keep the lines of communication open. They plan to continue for the foreseeable future since congregate meals are suspended until further notice. For more information about meal delivery, call 518-624-5221 (weekdays only, no answering machine). (Provided photo — Town of Long Lake Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department)


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