Bloomingdale receives free library

Hex and Hop co-owner Ethan Mikesell stands in front of the new Bloomingdale Free Library, donated and built by Specialty Wood Products, located on the front segment of the Hex and Hop parking area. (Photo provided)

BLOOMINGDALE — Specialty Wood Products of Bloomingdale has donated to the community an outdoor free library with custom, carved signs.

The custom-made, cedar library is free-standing and able to withstand the elements while giving residents and visitors access to free books.

The library is double-sided with one side dedicated to books for young children while the opposite side is filled with teen and adult books. The Bloomingdale Free Library is based on the concept of a “giving library,” but much larger in size to reach a more diverse audience.

The free-standing library is over 6 feet tall and 5 feet wide with the capacity of holding a few hundred books. Residents, visitors and passersby are asked to take books and leave books (if possible.)

The free library is housed on the street side of the Hex and Hop brewery parking lot at 1719 Route 3 in Bloomingdale. The cedar library is easily accessible for anyone driving past or walking within the town. The owners of Hex and Hop are not affiliated with the library but are enthusiastic about the opportunity to provide a convenient location available year-round to the general public.

Anyone wishing to donate books is asked to schedule an appointment by calling 518-569-2610. Boxes of books are not to be dropped off on the premises.