Bloomingdale first graders publish writing

Bloomingdale Elementary’s first graders are pictured, from left to right, (front row): Ella Beaney, Emilia Hayes, Kade Stephenson, Tessa Woodruff, Aine Kline, David Martin, Chance Snickles-Fust, Sam Goff, and Ella LaPointe; (back row): Miss Carol Schmidt, Faelynn Holtz, Edie Parsons, Alton Trumble, Patricia Dominesey, Orion Amell, Isabella Fuller, and Geo Lowndes. (Photo provided)

BLOOMINGDALE – On Friday, May 10, the first graders in Miss Schmidt’s class at Bloomingdale Elementary School celebrated their accomplishment of becoming published authors.

The students each took part in writing stories in their classroom. They then drew an illustration to partner with their written pieces. After submitting the finished stories to an outside company, each student received a copy of the book with their published work. The students were recognized for their hard work at a celebration in front of parents and staff. The celebration was also the first time students had the opportunity to see and hear each other’s work, as the book was a surprise compilation of the entire class’ stories. While working on this project the students’ learned about the writing process and what it means to be true authors.