Paul Smith’s College students are investigating BREXIT

Paul Smith’s College students are investigating BREXIT — Britain’s plans to leave the European Economic Union. A course entitle “UK Finance and Tourism” includes a trip for the 13 students and their professor to Great Britain, in which the class departed March 17 to Shannon, Ireland and returned Sunday. The students planned to be there one week before Britain’s planned departure from the European Union. The course, envisioned by Dr. Diane Litynski two years ago, studies the economics and political climate in the United Kingdom. The students have been following the referendums proposed by Prime Minister Theresa May and her Conservative Party, who currently hold the majority vote in Parliament. PM May’s most recent non-passage of her party’s referendum elevates the anticipation for the students as they travel in London concurrently during this historic event. Upon return, students will be immersed in the outcomes of Parliament, and the changing national climate of the United Kingdom, and its effect on global markets. Pictured are, first row: Kim Kehr, Bre-Ann Flounton-Johnson, Jill Susice, Dallas Olsen; second row: Rachael Michaels, Kayla Lyons, Natalina Bevilacqua, Victoria Schikendanz, Megan Krebs and Professor Diane Litynski; and third row: Connor Gale, Anderson LeClair, Molly McCarthy, Skyler Lyons and Jordan Perron. (Photo provided)