North Country educator publishes ‘Shady Characters’

Canton based arborist, educator and author Paul Hetzler has published “Shady Characters: Caterpillar Soup, Leprechaun Trees, and Other Hilarities of the Natural World” (Lexingford, 2018).

Hetzler is a graduate of Paul Smith’s College and former Saranac Lake-area resident.

Hetzler’s immense and often exotic store of natural knowledge is communicated in “Shady Characters” with passion, devilishly clever wit, and a base in solid science.

Topics in this entertaining and educational book include little-known facts about trees, wildlife, weather, natural resources, insects, and countless other aspects of the natural world.

Bill McKibben, author and founder of, said, “You will–I guarantee–learn from these essays. And I also guarantee the learning will be a great deal of fun!” Paleoclimatologist Curt Stager, author of “Deep Future,” said “With mad-cap imagery, Paul Hetzler leads us on a series of short, wild rides. Dive in, and enjoy!” Abenaki author and storyteller Joe Bruchac says “Paul Hetzler truly knows how to keep a reader’s interest as he leads us through the wacky wonderland of the natural world.”

“Shady Characters:: Plant Vampires, Caterpillar Soup, Leprechaun Trees and Other Hilarities of the Natural World” is available through and other booksellers on several continents, including local and regional bookstores.