Children who attended Story Time on May 25 
are shown sitting on a new sofa in the Elinor B. Preis Children’s Room. The sofa was purchased with memorial funds donated in memory of Helen Sprague who worked as library assistant at the Saranac Lake Free Library for 44 years. Among her many duties, Helen was in charge of the Story Time Program, arranging for the reader each week and organizing the Holiday Parties. She retired in 2011.
(Photo provided — Pat Wiley)

Children’s Summer Reading Program begins July 12


The 2017 Mary MacIntyre Summer Reading Program will meet three Wednesday mornings, from 10 a.m. until noon, July 12, 19 and 26. The theme, “Build a Better World,” will feature many delightful stories, projects and activities for the free series. Leaders of the three groups-preschool, ...

Wheels of misfortune


The debate about legalizing assisted suicide is raging nationwide, and now New York state has joined the fray. By law, New York prohibits assisted suicide. Nonetheless, it’s promoted in My Home Town. Don’t believe me? Just start riding your bike around town some ...

Is college worth it? Increasing numbers say no


“Too many people are going to college,” writes my American Enterprise Institute colleague Charles Murray. That’s not a response to the mob of students who attacked him and the liberal professor who had invited him to speak back in March at Middlebury College. It’s the title of the ...

VA needs to upgrade personnel, too


It probably should come as no surprise that the Department of Veterans Affairs has been relying on an ancient computer program to manage electronic health records. Named VISTA (for Veterans Information Systems and Technology Architecture), the basic system appears to have been in use since ...

The answer is not better health care

Letters to the editor

To the editor: I read Saturday’s commentary, “Sick!” by Susan Hahn. While I understand where she’s coming from, Hahn misses the point entirely. Has anyone bothered to ask themselves why Americans are so sick? Did you know that according to Jeff Hayes’ documentary ...

Does NY-21 have a leader in Washington or a follower?

Letters to the editor

To the editor: A leader initiates. A follower responds. A leader is proactive. A follower is reactive. A leader explains her decisions according to her convictions. A follower acts. In the last few weeks, we have seen two significant decisions come out of Washington that have a ...

Enjoy a free community day at Great Camp Sagamore.
(Photo provided — Diane Chase)

Free Community Day at Great Camp Sagamore


Sometimes describing the significance of the Adirondack Great Camps to visiting friends isn’t enough. Sometimes we just need to go to the birthplace of the rustic architectural movement by visiting the area where it all began. Though Great Camp Sagamore in Raquette Lake isn’t the first ...

(Photo provided — Yvona Fast)

National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day is June 9


“I want another slice of rhubarb tart. I want another lovely slice. I’m not disparaging the blueberry pie But rhubarb tart is oh so very nice. A rhubarb what? A rhubarb tart! A whatbarb tart? A rhubarb tart! I want another slice of rhubarb tart!” — John Cleese No one ...

Jeremy Evans speaks at a May meeting of the village of Saranac Lake's Development Board. (Enterprise photo — Chris Knight)

A critical position for Saranac Lake to fill


Jeremy Evans is a difficult staff member to replace. As Saranac Lake’s community development director since fall 2007, the Peru native has been a hard worker, a fair arbitrator, a good listener and just a good, honest guy. Furthermore, he deeply loves Saranac Lake, and not just for what it ...

Lake Flower Resort and Spa was mishandled

Letters to the editor

To the editor: A number of decades ago, many communities, Saranac Lake among them, realized that unchecked growth and unregulated development were undesirable. Community leaders began to acknowledge that their cities had become unattractive with brash signage, shabby strip malls and ...

Eating seasonally, locally


We’re living in an age of global markets, with almost all of us buying our food from chain supermarkets, convenient stores and fast food outlets. We rarely think about where our food comes from or how it was grown or processed. More often than not, the food we eat is grown on large ...

Can Wonder Woman just be Wonder Woman?


In the new “Wonder Woman” movie, the heroine is mystified by the ways of humankind — and she doesn’t even read the internet. The fevered commentary about the new hit film raises the question, “Can’t an Amazonian superhero wield her Lasso of Truth and bullet-deflecting bracelets ...

Stefanik should vote the talk on environment

Letters to the editor

To the editor: Elise Stefanik talks like an environmentalist but doesn’t vote like one. There is no area where the contradictions between what Ms. Stefanik says and what she does is more evident than her positions on environmental protection. The most egregious example is the contrast ...

This page from the Adirondack Railway Preservation Society’s Annual Report for 2016 shows the Adirondack Scenic Railroad’s financial situation is improving.

Bad spin on the railroad


I’ll try to keep this brief, because even I — as a staunch supporter for the “Save The Rails” movement — am growing weary of the back-and-forth conversation. There are so many times that the Adirondack Recreational Trail Advocates crowd (both board members and supporters alike) ...

Saranac Lake Youth Center could use your support

Letters to the editor

To the editor: The Saranac Lake Youth Center was started by the Ecumenical Council in 1982 and has served local teens of the school district for 35 years. The bright, spacious center on the corner of Woodruff and Church streets sees a daily rush of youth as soon as school is dismissed. When ...

Don’t eliminate funds for public broadcasting

Letters to the editor

To the editor: What is going through Trump’s and Republican lawmakers’ minds? There is an almost unprecedented attack on the poor through cuts in supplemental food programs and Medicaid. Then you have the push to repeal Obamacare, with millions left without health insurance. This has ...

Standardized field sobriety testing for DWI


If you have had a few alcoholic drinks and then drive a vehicle, chances are you will do something that, if seen by a police officer, will give probable cause for pulling you over. This might be something like crossing the pavement lines, weaving within your lane, or a number of things that ...


Two polar opposite examples


For baseball fans of a certain age, Stan Musial of the St. Louis Cardinals stands alone. Musial’s on-field statistics were beyond impressive. He led the National League in batting seven times, was named the league’s MVP three times, was selected as an all-star 24 times and had 3,630 career ...

Let’s stop acting as if the 2016 campaign is still on


If you keep up with the news, you might think that the unpleasant and unedifying 2016 presidential campaign is still going on. President Donald Trump, up early, is sending out tweets coarsely attacking foreign leaders and American politicians — complete with misspelled words, in at least ...

Changing the practice of off-cycle voting in school districts


May 30 At the end of February, people in the Goshen School District voted two to one to spend $30.5 million on new classrooms, a new athletic field and other improvements. Eleven weeks later, people in the district voted by more than two to one to approve a $69.7 million dollar budget for ...