Proud of fellow Saranac Laker Lee Keet

Letters to the editor

To the editor: I am writing in reference to the Guest Commentary by Lee Keet on Nov. 20 titled “True-false quiz on tax bills.” For the recent months, reading Guest Commentaries have been very predictable. Mr. Keet’s analysis was very accurate and pointed out the flaws in the current ...

NY should charge online sales tax


For decades, Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and the traditional kickoff to the holiday shopping season, tipped the yearly balance sheet for many retailers into positive territory. Not so much anymore, though — now shoppers spend more of their money online and less in ...

Laws of physics magnified in winter driving


Sixty miles per hour on glare ice — no problem! No problem, as long as you don’t try to speed up, slow down or turn even slightly. But driving requires constantly changing speed and direction, no matter what season it is. This is where Newton’s first law of motion — which states in ...

Never run a generator indoors


It is unlikely we will ever know why a family in rural Jefferson County, West Virginia, took the risk they did last weekend. None of them — a man, woman, teenager and toddler — survived. Their bodies were found Nov. 19, along with a generator that was being used inside their home. Carbon ...


What does it mean to be a man?


So I guess you can take men off the endangered species list. It wasn’t that long ago we were hearing that men were in trouble. It was said that our manly maleness was under siege from a culture of runaway political correctness hellbent on snipping off our masculine accoutrements and ...

Tax plan would hurt all homeowners


The story making the rounds is that the Republican tax plan targets homeowners only in expensive blue states — people who tend to vote for the other party. That’s only partly true. Homeowners everywhere would get hit. The reasons will follow. As a whole, the “reforms” are an ...

This big buck was taken by Dick Hogan, Pat Hogan’s dad, on Keegan Hill on our old family farm in Alder Brook. Pat said he thought it dressed out at close to 250 pounds. Don’t know the men in the picture, but the deer and bear are hanging in the empty lot that was then the Saranac Lake Hardware. The Waterhole, then Mike and Sandy’s Restaurant, is in the background. Pat’s grandmother Esther Keegan Hogan and my grandfather William Keegan were sister and brother.
(Photo courtesy of Dan Patnode)

‘Hunter kills himself accidentally’


When hunting season opened in the 1940s and ’50s, the streets of Saranac Lake would be crowded with hunters in their black and red wool “uniforms.” It was not just locals, although it seemed like everyone hunted back then, but hunters came from far and wide outside the Adirondacks. One ...

Shop locally


We know we say this every year around this time, but it’s important and is worth repeating. Small Business Saturday is today. The campaign encourages people to take advantage of local, independent shops, showing that a concerted effort to do so boosts each community’s economy. As you ...

(Photo provided)

Cord stumps and belly buttons


Parents of newborns have been trying to stump me with their questions about how best to care for their baby’s belly button or umbilical cord stump. Let me try to clamp off anyone’s concern and provide some information on this topic. The quickest way to have the cord stump fall off, ...

NCCC students relax outside in 1974.

After 50 years, NCCC retains personal touch


Things were different 50 years ago when North Country Community College started in Saranac Lake. Its focus was to offer diverse academic programs and to make it accessible and affordable to students from around the region and even afar. The college campus in the beginning was spread all over ...

President John F. Kennedy
(White House photo)

The day the curtain dropped


It was to my generation what Pearl Harbor Day was to my parents’ — a moment etched so deeply that everyone remembered exactly where they were when they found out. The bell for eighth period had rung and I’d just left the art room, headed to French class, when Kathy Klein ran up to me, ...

Jim Bombard was beloved in ski industry

Letters to the editor

To the editor: Bomby was first and foremost a skier. He turned his love of the sport into his life’s work in the ski business as a sales representative. Duties of a sales rep are setting up a dealer network, presenting companies’ products and programs, training staff on those products ...

Thanks for recognizing DEC dispatchers

Letters to the editor

To the editor: Re: editorial dated Nov. 15, “It’s not just rangers DEC needs more of”: I appreciate your inclusion of state Department of Environmental Conservation dispatchers in your editorial. Dispatchers are unique in DEC. They are among the few classified as ...

President Donald Trump
(Official White House photo)

Can Trump-haters be thankful for him?


Any other Republican president but Donald Trump might expect to get at least some credit for the mostly positive direction in which the country is headed. Unfortunately, the Trump-haters prefer to focus on his, shall I say, unusual personality rather than results. So let’s put personality ...

Shopping and eating small


I’m just as guilty of dog-earring the sale flyers as the rest of my family during the holiday season. It is overwhelming to think about the amount of stuff I feel I need by the time I’ve perused the catalogs and listened to the Christmas jingles. I am inundated with advertisements and ...

Soup and sandwich 
(Photo provided — Yvona Fast)

Put leftover turkey to use


Now that the feast is over, what should you do with all that turkey? I’m sure you have heard that "leftovers are the best part of Thanksgiving." Precooked turkey is a great convenience product for salads, sandwiches, casseroles, and stir-fries. The carcass makes a nice broth. And if you ...

Thankful for much and hoping for more


It is a sad state of affairs that it seems like a day doesn’t go by that there isn’t a shooting, drug overdose, terrorist attack, weather event, domestic violence incident or a sexual harassment accusation. It is happening with such frequency that it is hard to keep track of them all. It ...

Young beech trees retain their leaves throughout the winter months.
(Photo provided by Richard Gast)

Marcescence — an ecological mystery


We’re blessed to live in an area that offers some of the most beautiful fall foliage found anywhere in the world. And this fall proved to be one of the most remarkably enduring that I’ve ever experienced: The maples, birches, poplars, oaks and beeches created a landscape literally exploding ...

The new normal

Letters to the editor

To the editor: By now the shootings of Sutherland Springs, Texas, and Rancho Tehama, California, have begun to sink toward the recessess of our memories, only to be replaced by the next time someone decides to take more human lives — which, given the uptick in frequency of these events, ...