Today’s plowing practices raise questions

To the editor:

I have just recently moved back to my hometown of Saranac Lake after 49 years. My dad, Howard Strack, worked for the town of Harrietstown along with my Uncle Archie, Teddy Salls, Bob Girrard, Paul Pelkey and others. Something they did back then is sure a lot different than the way roads are kept clean this day and age. They actually plowed the snow off the roads, and when the roads were clear, they stopped plowing. Maybe after all the years I have been gone, things have changed. I have seen more snow removal equipment with the front plow and wing on bare pavement plowing “NOTHING.” Imagine the wear and tear, not only on the equipment but on the pavement! Not only that, but they sand the highway as they plow and 20 minutes later come along and plow the sand they just spread off the highway. Like I said, I have been gone a long time, but come on, why tear up equipment by plowing the bare pavement? Maybe somebody can enlighten me?

Stanley L. Strack

Lake Clear