Turkey Trot showed real Saranac Lake support

To the editor:

What does Thanksgiving morning evoke in you? What images, sounds, smells or feelings come to mind? The response is unique to the individual; take a second and think about what it symbolizes for you.

Here’s what 2018 looked like for 200-plus runners at the fourth annual Saranac Lake Turkey Trot: the distant memory of a warm bed as the ache of cold air entered sleepy lungs; the squeal of fresh snow underfoot; the gentle rumble of friends and neighbors, alongside perfect strangers, shaking off sleep, donning race attire, preparing to face the mountain air; a senseless tear that freezes in its tracks, halfway down rose-colored cheeks; crystals of perspiration clinging to eyelashes and glistening atop heads like crowns; cheers, high fives, smiles and hugs — the palpable pride, support and joy of a community rallying around itself on a morning easily spent in bed.

By the numbers, this Trot was not the biggest, nor did it raise the most money. But to us, this was the most successful in a series of four monstrous community showings of love and support! Who gets up at the crack of dawn to brave a minus-20-degree wind chill? Two hundred-plus from the coldest place in the continental U.S., that’s who! We are so proud to call Saranac Lake home, and we’re prouder still to call each of you our friends, family and neighbors. You all showed up and shelled out for your community, to the tune of $15,000, to keep folks fed and educated in our Little Mountain Town!

Please read over the following list of community sponsors and think of them when you decide where to spend your hard-earned dollars. These are your mechanics, pharmacists, cooks, brewers, blacksmiths, hoteliers, contractors, property managers, barkeeps, fuel carriers, real estate agents and more. They are your support and your community. Without further ado: Bear Essentials Apparel, ArtKalied, Adirondack Inspection Services & Engineering, J.M. Dupree Construction, DP Development, Community Bank N.A., Avalon Tree Care, Hotel Saranac, Tail O’ the Pup, Clix Photo Booths, HomEnergy Services, Hyde Fuel, Hammersong, Cantwell Jackson Design, Adirondack Surgical Group, Say Rentals and Say Real Estate, The Porcupine Inn, T.F. Finnigan, Adirondack Stiles Real Estate Company, Cape Air, Saranac Lake Kiwanis, Ace Hardware, Adirondack Bank, Ampersand Biosciences, Kinville Amusement & Vending, Blue Line Brewery, Blue Moon Cafe, BluSeed Studios, Book Nook, Carcuzzi, Casa del Sol, CED, Crua Outdoor, Curtis Lumber, Custom Building Unltd., Dominico Property Management, Duffy Builders, Dunkin’ Donuts, Earthshine Yoga, Geomatics, Giovanina Bucci Arts, Gordon Pratt Insurance, Grizle-T’s, Guide Boat Realty, Heatkeeper Spray Foam, Hulbert’s, Adirondack Audit, John Muldowney Law Practice, John Ward Studios, Jreck Subs, Legend Electric, Little City Haircutters, Liz & Co. Salon, MJ Raymond Construction, JM Munn Business Machines, NBT Bank, Nori’s, Owl’s Nest, Pendragon Theatre, Post Office Pharmacy, Raquette River Brewing, Rice Furniture, Robert E. White Attorney at Law, Rock Hard Fitness, Romano’s Saranac Lanes, SLove Health Club, Spencer Boatworks, State of Mind II, Sturdy Supply, Thurston Plumbing & Heating, Trudeau Sand and Gravel, Twin D, Up North Down South Renovations, Wilkins Insurance and Wms. & Sons.

This is what it’s all about, folks. Take it in. Hold onto it. This is why we live here. Please accept our deepest, most sincere thanks!

Warm holiday regards,

Johnny and Jimmy Williams and the Bitters crew

Saranac Lake

P.S.: See you next year.