‘Taxin’ Tedra’ attack is wrong

To the editor:

“Tireless Tedra” — that’s a moniker that more accurately describes the Democratic nominee for New York’s 21st Congressional District, Tedra Cobb. She is a tireless campaigner, and after an overwhelming victory in last months Democratic primary, she continues her fight to ensure the people of northern New York will have a representative who will truly look out for their interests.

It’s no surprise that negative ads and statements from the incumbent’s campaign have already started to hit the media. Stefanik’s campaign is claiming that Tedra Cobb voted to increase taxes over 20 times, and they supplied references! However, it doesn’t appear that they actually looked at them. The minutes from the St. Lawrence County Legislature are available for anyone to examine, and Tedra Cobb welcomes it. The 2011 St. Lawrence County tax rate was 2.72 percent less than it was in 2007. All county budgets had bipartisan support and passed by wide margins. Their tired and inaccurate claims demonstrate how worried they must be to face a candidate with integrity, grit and the ground game to win in November.

Tedra’s record as a St. Lawrence County legislator shows that she was bipartisan and able to work across the aisle to get the first public ethics law enacted. She ran unopposed in her second term — because she was supported by Democrats, Republicans and independents. When you see or hear her opponent’s tired claims, remember that Tedra is out there fighting for us, and she won’t be intimidated by Washington insider tactics. She’s making personal calls, knocking on doors, meeting with groups of people all over the district, inspiring her impressive number of volunteers to do the same to get the word out that we have a true representative ready to work for us. Tedra Cobb — a tireless leader who deals in facts, not fear.

Susan Delehanty

Tupper Lake