Research will lead voters to support Cobb

To the editor:

Congratulations to Tedra Cobb on winning the New York District 21 Democratic primary with an overwhelming majority on June 26. We now need to continue that momentum and work together to get Tedra Cobb’s ethical and intelligent voice to Washington! She will help set a new tone and work hard for the residents of our district in New York state.

When Elise Stefanik recently called Ms. Cobb “the out-of-touch, liberal, hyper-partisan, tax-and-spend candidate” (Watertown Daily Times, Friday, June 29), she apparently did not do her research. During Ms. Cobb’s time as a member of the St. Lawrence County Legislature from 2002 to 2010, all budgets passed with broad support from both Democrats and Republicans, and the tax rate in St. Lawrence County actually decreased during her second term. This does not sound like a hyper-partisan, tax-and-spend candidate. Cobb has demonstrated the ability to work toward solutions for real people on both sides of the political aisle. Stefanik’s “tax-and-spend” name-calling also implies that Tedra Cobb did not have the economic best interests of her constituents in mind. Cobb’s time spent as a county legislator proves otherwise. She created a county government strategic planning effort saving taxpayer dollars, convened the St. Lawrence Energy Alliance assisting low-income residents with energy costs, and worked on the Aging Advisory Board, leading to health, social and economic programs supporting the elderly. Before she was a county legislator, Cobb developed the St. Lawrence County Health Initiative Inc., which helped give access to health care, nutrition, fitness and substance-abuse services to many North Country residents.

As for as the accusation that Ms. Cobb is out of touch, if we are to take that literally, I can personally state that Ms. Cobb has been in the Tri-Lakes area at least four times in the last several months to provide the opportunity to meet her and discuss issues. That is four times more than I have ever had the opportunity to meet with Ms. Stefanik. Ms. Stefanik has held a tele-town hall for our local area, but the on-hold time was outrageous and she never did give direct answers to any of the questions that others asked. It was an entirely unsatisfactory manner to either get or give information in the democratic process. Ms. Stefanik is working for larger Washington power brokers and does not really speak for the residents of District 21. (If you are not convinced of that, check out her fundraising information at Ms. Cobb, on the other hand, has built a grassroots coalition of over 900 volunteers in this district who are willing to work hard to elect her because they want to have real input, hear real answers and hope to see some real change in Washington.

Please do your own research, ask the questions, and then support Tedra Cobb. She is a candidate who is actually from our district and will actually work on your behalf.


Margie Gallagher

Lake Placid