Franklin board will eliminate unnecessary position

To the editor:

As a past town councilman, I fully agree with the elimination of this position as it is only a convenience to the supervisor, and an expensive one at that. All work can be done less expensively using contractors to clean buildings, pick up garbage, bring deposit bottles to the redemption center and mow lawns, etc. This $82,000 could be better used to do a facelift: i.e., paint, siding on town hall, move dry hydrants and platforms for fire safety, playground equipment and more.

At the meeting Mr. Ed Martin spoke about eliminating other programs, summer programs for the children and skating at the civic center. As Supervisor Willman often says, “Programs should not be on the backs of taxpayers.” This said, perhaps those who benefit from programs should pay for them.

As for the custodian setting up and taking down materials for programs, again, they who use them can do it or lose their deposits on facilities. As said before, not on the backs of taxpayers.

The town of Franklin doesn’t need an $82,000 convenience to deliver letters, bills, etc., to vendors. As in the past, there is a fax machine and the post office. If something was left out of this job, please let us know.

Three cheers to Councilmen Cliff Smalley, Tom Bartiss and Pete Woodcock for actually saving taxpayers’ dollars.

It also should be said, thank you to Highway Superintendent Jacques DeMars for doing more in the last few years than was done in the last 40 years of highway upkeep.

Al Berg


Town of Franklin