Nothing else matters, save this

To the editor:

Immigration and welfare are all that matter. Here’s why. This country has now approximately 50 million people on welfare and food stamps. All immigrants who are declared refugees are automatically eligible for those two benefits. With a standing national debt of $20 trillion (with a “T”), no one can muster a legitimate argument for more immigration. Are we to accept that those individuals will be receiving other people’s money in perpetuity? All rights have been met, and the time for responsibilities is upon us, or the country itself will founder and fail.

Perhaps some of your readers are still under the defunct notion that there are other political issues. There aren’t. “All must endeavor to do the same” is becoming a sort of fundamental axiom. This statement means all people in this country must strive to do what we do, or have less satisfactory outcomes for their lives. We have freedom now. You can act in pretty much whatever fashion you choose. Responsibilities can be tough, but I pity the fool who believes that.

Randall Scott Gruel

Saranac Lake