Many helped build Ice Palace, and quickly

To the editor:

This winter started off as crazy as last regarding the weather. I had hoped to have two weekends for the build, but the weather said otherwise. Thanks to all of our dedicated volunteers, we still finished the build prior to the start of the Carnival. IPW 101 did it again.

As usual, I need to thank a lot of people. First, the Belvedere Restaurant for a meeting place and meal while we designed the Palace. They have been letting us design on their napkins for a long time. We also received food and refreshments from the following: Women’s Civic Chamber for coffee, hot chocolate and goodies each morning; the Lakeview Deli for a bowl and a roll each day; the Downhill Grill for chili; Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee and treats; Margo Gold for cookies; the Presbyterian Church for cookies. Then I need to thank everyone who loaned us equipment: Sturdy Supply, Hyde Fuel, Ace Hardware, Douglas C. Cochran, John Pietras, Taylor Rental, Hulbert’s, Tom Hyde, Luck Bros., Paul Smith’s College and Bobcat of Plattsburgh.

Thanks to Kim Duso for the use of the saw and Garrett Foster and Mike Knapp for using it. Kim Duso is also learning to use the saw. Thanks again to Moriah Shock Camp for providing workers and the guards to oversee them. Their help is greatly appreciated. The crews this year were hard working and did a great job.

Again, I have to give a BIG thank-you to everyone who helped this year. I know it was a short build, which made it harder to get done in the time we had, and you did it! I hope to see you all next year.

Dean W. Baker

Ice Palace chairman

Saranac Lake