River Walk is part of the Dew Drop building restoration

To the editor:

I would like to correct — or rather add to — a recent article of yours noting that the state of New York is supporting restoration of the former Dew Drop Inn building to the tune of $300,000. A major part of the project includes an agreement by the new owners to allow an extension of the River Walk park along the outside of the to-be-renovated building. At present, the River Walk park is underutilized due to problems with access. The River Walk extension envisioned as part of this project will go a long way toward making the River Walk park a more important asset for the village of Saranac Lake.

At present, passage along the full length of the River Walk park is blocked by the Dew Drop Inn building, which sits at the very edge of the river. Completion of the new section will have major benefits for both residents and visitors alike. It will create a pedestrian passage that crosses Broadway connecting the north and south ends of downtown. For Broadway businesses it will attract tourists staying at the Hotel Saranac and provide better access for downtown customers to the the village parking lot.

Funds are available from the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program to pay for the River Walk extension. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Peter Hahn

Ray Brook