God bless helpers during holidays

To the editor:

I want to thank everyone for the beautiful gifts this year you donated for the nursing homes. I wrapped and delivered them all to three nursing homes, as well as nine families and their children. Also, thanks to a beautiful angel who helped me bring gifts to Fort Drum. The people in Gouvernuer who do packages for the soldiers couldn’t do it this year. I called many people to help, until an angel came along and brought me down. Fort Drum said it was too late for Christmas, but a wonderful lady said she could send them to Iraq Jan. 31. I said it was alright; Christmas is every day when you are helping someone.

Also, special thanks to Mr. Mike’s Pizza. I called to eat with someone for Christmas. Mr. Mike sent a husband and wife to pick me up and then bring me home. It was a beautiful meal. Thank you, Mr. Mike, for opening on Christmas Day. You made my day.

My special thanks to Ted Lafever for helping me with my frozen pipes. If he didn’t come, they would have burst.

God bless all those who helped me during the holidays. Happy new year.


Shirley Hosler

Saranac Lake