Republicans give to the rich, prepare to take from the rest

To the editor:

A responsible Republican-led Congress would have addressed some real problems of ordinary Americans in its current term. Perhaps fixing the Affordable Care Act so that, as in the rest of the developed world, all Americans can have access to decent and affordable health care. Or dealing with the threat of global climate change and environmental destruction, which to all but the most willfully ignorant presents a huge threat to the future of a sustainable nation and world. Or, perhaps most obvious, an infrastructure program to provide un-exportable jobs to Americans by rebuilding our poor, worn-down roads, bridges, water systems and airports. What about combating economic inequality? How about taking on the opiate crisis?

But no. With corporate profits and the stock market (and economic inequality) at record highs, Congress is finalizing a tax reform bill to provide relief to the poor, suffering billionaire donor class. No wonder. Right-wing billionaire donors like Paul Singer have threatened to turn off the spigot if Congress fails pay back their investment of billions in campaign donations. The bill, if passed, will both explode the deficit to unimagined levels and fail to produce the economic growth promised. “Trickle down” never worked in the past; it only made the rich richer and everyone else poorer. Of course, when the promised economic growth fails to meet their promises, the right’s second goal of “reforming,” by defunding, Medicare and Social Security can be achieved.

By the time this is published, the Republican tax bill may already have been force-marched through Congress, and we will know if Rep. Stefanik has sided with her constituents or her billionaire donors. In the event that there is still time, please contact her office (202-225-4611). If it is too late, please reflect upon her decision, and her true loyalties.


Phil Newton

Saranac Lake