Mueller more corrupt than Trump

To the editor:

The hyperventilating, discredited fake news media is going ga-ga over General Flynn’s pleading guilty to lying to the FBI. Three things are going to confound his conviction: One, Mueller is more corrupt than Trump. Mueller lied himself, by omission with his cohort James Comey, about the Hillary Clinton email scandal and her Russian uranium deal. Two, the FBI and the CIA are ludicrously corrupt and should be disbanded, just as JFK was going to have RFK do. Three, CNN, MSNBC and the networks are so blatantly biased as to have lost any semblance of truth. Everyone, no matter your political persuasion, knows that.

Mueller looks chiseled out of stone in his pictures on television, for effect. However, Gen. Michael Flynn is the true Rock of Gibraltar. Trump will pardon, and then we can all go on supercharging the economy that Barack Obama left flaccid.

Randy Gruel

Saranac Lake